To increase the chances for taking part in Field Trials we have been focussing more on taking part in trials outside the Netherlands. In Belgium, the UK and the Czech Republic, but also in other neighbouring countries judging is done according to the British standards. (British) judges are invited to judge the dogs' work to international standards. They set up practice-based trials during which attention is paid to the efficiency of the work performed by handler and dog.

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Update: 19.04.2018
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Things as jumping in, squeaking, touching the dog, getting out of controll are absolutely prohibited and no concessions are made. Since Field Trials are almost always a drive, it takes a lot of steadiness and good peg behaviour, while the dog has to work fluently and with grace when it is his turn.

Therefore during training the focus is on heel work, running straight lines, good peg behaviour, territory whistle, ignoring temptation etc.