Picking-up and field trials are our main goals where we train for. Thereīs nothing more beautifull than to live a cold winters shootingday together with a well trained and working gundog.
Now and then a working trial and before you know it, it's summer again.  Maybe a short holiday and then the pigeons start to fly.  The dogs are blooded properly and later in August they are allowed to fetch ducks.
After the main shootingseason there is however a short breathing space for the gun/dog handler and the dogs, but this does not last long. End of January, beginning of February we get busy again. The dummy's go back into the dummy bag and training is resumed again or in the case of a young dog started.

The young dog is taught the basics, heel work, steadiness, water work, running straight lines, hunting and learning to deal with temptations.

The dogs that have already had one or more training seasons are taken back over some basic training in order to train them at a higher level afterwards.

As soon as summer time starts and the days grow longer we also train at locations that are further away so the dogs became acquainted with different ground conditions.


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Update: 19.04.2018
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Aan de rand van de maÔs in BelgiŽ
Libby & Drummer - even ontspannen
Drummer & Libby op jacht in Tienen (B)
After the game is tracked down and the last winged pheasant is brought in, it is added to the bag. The day is ended in the traditional way and a fantastic day of shooting has come to an end.

Over a drink and refreshment the day is evaluated and relived in peace and quiet.
The young dog gets his first experience with "warm" game. Around this time the picker-up days abroad also start again during which ducks and partridge are shot.