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It is quite some time ago that our first dog entered our house. We had quickly agreed on the breed of dog: we decided on a Golden Retriever. At obedience school where my wife trained in those days  I learned that originally a retriever is an gundog.

From that moment on I became more and more interested in this dog and the retrieverbreedgroup.
The obedience training was followed by fieldtraining and from that moment on I took over the lead. Some things did however change over the years. In the beginning we only entered certificate days, the KNJV (Royal Dutch Hunting Society) trials and working trials. Nowadays picking up and participating in Field Trials are my main challenge.

In August 2007 we moved to a beautiful little farmhouse in the Bernisse area and here we created all the facilities we think are necessary for seriously setting up a kennel for working retrievers.

Since the death of our Golden Retriever we only have Field Trial Labradors at our kennels.

In order to be able to (start to) play a role of some significance internationally we adjusted our training methods somewhat over the last few years in order to meet the demands required at those kinds of events. On the whole the British views are becoming more and more important in setting up and judging these competitions.

Our goal therefore is the training and breeding of retrievers that can be used for workingtests, picking-up and field trials. By breeding selectively on a small scale we provide for ourselves and other dog handlers or shootingpeople.
Update: 19.04.2018
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Korstiaan Kleijwegt
Boerderij 'Tochtzicht'
Finally arrived: 6 healthy strong puppies (5 bitches and 1 dog) out of FTW Go Back Running on Faith x FTW Troddenmills Full Throttle of Leacaz.